Friday, 30 November 2012

No More Distractions

I know, famous last words, but I'm on a mission...

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Right Writing

I know I’ve been pretty quiet, of late, but been really busy working and honing me literary wotnots.

When I started out learning to write right, I didn’t expect it to propel me off in the direction I’ve taken. As someone who never seems to take the easy route, its no surprise that a hook into scriptwriting, despite having no formal education in this area, has been a challenging journey.

The ideas have bubbled, and there’s been a lot of stop starts, but there’s one project I’ve persevered in developing and I’m kinda hoping I’ve got it writ right, now. Whether anyone served with the document will want to do something with it or follow the directive, there in, only time will tell.

If this ain't the idea of all ideas then another idea has popped up, look here, but the question I ponder is… 

Am I writing right and is there really a right way to write?