Thursday, 21 May 2009

Stand-up Comedian v Stand-up Medium

I’ve never really wanted, or thought for that matter, about getting up on stage and making an arse of meself, but a recent proposition has got me thinking.

A relative, rather forcibly, suggested that I should have a go at stand-up comedy. The fact that she had been drinking was irrelevant and considering the time the whole bizarre conversation took place it could have been taken as an unfortunate nightmare. Still, after a few hours sleep, some of what my cousin said did seem to make sense. Getting up and performing would be an ideal opportunity to test my ideas and characters in front of a live audience.

As a developing medium I regularly get up on an Open Platform night, in church, and give short demonstrations of my mediumistic skills. A comedy act in itself, really, where I’m involved! The “congregation” is fully aware that I’m still developing and of course, due to current legislative practices, such services have to carry a disclaimer of being an experiment. That’s a bit different to an audience looking to be entertained, but then that’s where the nerve hit…

Why is it that TV programmes involving my belief system and communication with the spirit world have to be labelled as “entertainment purposes only”? They’re not always entertaining and Spiritualism is a recognised religion. This got me seriously considering the proposition and confronting my own fears. Could I get up on stage and reflect a light hearted approach as to the possibility that there may be more substance to this form of new age entertainment? Not that I want to preach, but it’s something I could talk about. In a comedy club I wouldn’t get told off for using naughty words like incontinence and bugger, or have to worry about my teachers’ concerns about me flirting with the dearly departed. No joke, dead or alive, the presence of a tall, dark, handsome stranger gets me going every time. Just as well my faith appreciates good humour and doesn’t condemn sinners. Life is a learning experience and we all have our own unique paths to follow.

I’ve been mulling this over all day, and it seems this could be a way of testing a theory I have. Not given a definite answer yet, and will need to consider the material very carefully, but I’m given it some serious thought all the same.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Kaos brought to a close in 4" diamante sandals

Writing creatively is a funny old past time. Sometimes you never know if the inspiration is going to last, or whether the effort is worth all the pain.

Last month I put my stumpy fingers forward, hammered a keyboard to death, and churned out a script for this year’s British Short Screenplay Competition, my fourth consecutive attempt at this prestigious competition run by Kaos Films. Unfortunately, last year’s entry only got as far as the first round, a drop from the previous two years second round slots. That was the start, I guess, of the stresses and strains of the mad, mad world of a global corporation taking a toll on my creativity. Why oh why, did they have to come along and “acquire” one of the nicest, friendliest companies I have ever had the privilege to work for?

Anyhow, I was convinced this year would be a non-starter for the annual Kaos/ BSSC challenge, but having the sheer audacity to take a giant leap of faith, changing my employment status, my determination to create was soon restored. This year’s entry was posted with only a few days to the final deadline, and to celebrate, I bought myself a brilliant pair of 4" diamante sandals. Now that’s high, considering they’re only a size 3! The heels are absolutely gorgeous and worthy of a place in any trophy cabinet. In fact, they're so delicate, and fine, you could pick your nose with them. Sadly, there’s no impending occasion to wear these wonderful sandals, but have had a wee totter around the house. Before anyone says anything, no names mentioned, I did manage to walk more than two steps, and no, they didn't crack under the weight of my incredible arse, either.

When times are tough, you still got to reward yourself. And I did!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wannabe writers and other characters

Just thinking on a picture created by Mister Valance.

“The Porch” immortalises many characters who aim to inspire, conspire or simply desire a world full of their homespun fiction. The picture features the calling cards of wannabe poets, short story writers, novelists and scriptwriters all searching for their niche. Some may never find what they’re looking for, others may have already found it, but I’m looking at the picture as a snapshot in history, and wondering… Who the hell are they really?

Friday, 1 May 2009

A Wander Into The East End Film Festival

My newest pastime is hanging out at film festivals. When I say that, I say it in a vague contemporary sense, of course. I happened to get wind of a festival in the East End of London and thought, what the hell, show me the way home!

Being brought up in the outer reaches of the East End, I thought this would be the place to meet like minded creative souls who would understand me. May have been a wee bit wrong there! Not sure I understand all the arty types and it seems people travel far and wide to attend these festivals. However, it could also have something to do with the fact that I’m not really cut out for social networking, on a “business” level. I’d rather keep work and play separate, to be honest. That way I can’t get confused as to an individual’s intentions!

Anyway, I got to see a few short films and take part in some very enlightening discussions on the art of film making. Met some interesting people, too, who either came to share their knowledge or, like me, came to be inspired.

Best Shorts, in my humble opinion:

I don’t know where my journey of a wannabe scriptwriter is going to lead me, next, but I guess I better finish editing this script I have pending for a competition.