Sunday, 20 March 2011

Summit for Mister Valance

On passing by Mister Valance's porch, I stumbled on him making his singing debut.

Oh mercy, and praise the lord, for soapy suds clouding me view. He'd even taken all his clothes off for the performance.

But when I looked closely...
... summit...
... was...

... definitely...

... missing!

There's more than enough "ladies" hanging around the place to help him scrub his back, but what's a boy to play with, when splashing in the tub?

I is a pondering...

Periscopes up or down, who knows!

Still pondering...

Nothing untoward above the rippling tide line.

Pondering more...

For all I know, he could even have his boots on, hidden beneath the murky depths, in case he needs to make a quick exit.

Pondering over.
Me finks the cowboy could do with one of these:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mrs Brown's Advice!

Mrs Brown answered my question on this link: Mrs Brown's Boys

It's not the first time I've been told I belong in a zoo!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sex is better than the Internet

I notched up this slug line from pick and mixing the subjects being debated on “Argumental”, part of David Walliams’ 24 hour panel show marathon in aid of Red Nose Day, a UK charity extravaganza. Apart from the highly embarrassing stint featuring a set of weird twins, on some appalling show called “Celebrity Juice”, its been pretty entertaining viewing.  

The proceedings have been transmitted, almost live, on the Internet for over 14 hours, now, complete with on air gaffs, scenery changes and production edits. Twitter has made it an amazing interactive experience, with an admission that there was a 10 minute delay in programme feeds to the Internet when viewers were asked to Tweet “Bumblesquat”. A Twitterism and in-joke, if you like, for those that were there, I’m afraid!

When I first experimented with Twitter, I didn’t understand what it was all about. Found it pretty boring, to be honest, but now I see its merits. Putting aside the geeks who can’t go to the loo without telling the whole wide world, social networking media is a great platform for debating current issues. Red Nose Day has been catapulted into a global trending topic of conversation with donation pledges coming in from across the world.

If you wander past me blog before 12.00hrs on Sunday 6th March, check this out:

So, back to me slug line: Sex is better than the Internet. In my humble opinion, the Internet is but a tool and sex a physical expression of emotions. To save getting meself into any trouble, me finks I’d best opt in favour of the argument: I’d rather be outside!