Sunday, 31 March 2013

Here’s Me Number

Here’s me number, but don’t expect anything more than a hug or a smooch until you’ve enticed me with some food for thought. 

Well, that was a quick summary of a conversation earlier today that revolved around a girlie take on life as a singleton with blinkers on. You see, I been told me flirting abilities are pretty good, but I see the wink, wink, nod, nods as approval to me sense of humour, not a springboard to me boudoir. Being a friendly gal, who tends to dig herself in deep when it comes to the artefacts of life, I’d like a wee bit more spelling out, 'cause I can’t always read the show not tell when its right in front of me. So, me finks its time to take a step back, do a spot a pondering, and see if things get any clearer.  

High ho silver lining, no matter where I roam, this Sunday, the sun has gotta come shining one day!

Friday, 22 March 2013

As Above, So Below

Sitting here finking about the original J.J. Cocker...

I wonder if he's a pondering up above as I'm a pondering down below! 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What Next?

After the rain, sleet and snow comes the sunshine. Yep, it’s sunny down south and I’m planning to ponder out on me perch today. Well, that’s the plan once I’ve started the creative cogs turning with a couple of ideas regarding wireless pursuits.

Thanks to DAB radio, the golden age of wireless has not totally disappeared, and visual nostalgics, even in the pre-pensionable age bracket, still have hands-on memories of space invaders that were at the forefront of a couch potato’s gaming revolution. Life seems to be moving at such a fast pace, today, and leading me to ponder as to what future memories will consist of?

“Do you remember your first download; do you still have it?”

“Where did you buy”; whatever; “can’t remember it was on the internet”!

Whatever is that materialistic immaterial world I see in front of me with school days, first loves and best friends all in the same social media holding tank as brief acquaintances.

Ok, so all this technical gadgetry means we can keep the images, but memories are what stirs the soul and go beyond what the eye can see. Going back, we had inventions and revolutions, now we only have developments based on yesteryear’s breakthroughs. What next for human-kind?

Erm… Me finks I’m gonna take a temporary leave of absence and make the most of the blue skies with a meander down to the beach.