Tuesday, 30 June 2009

JJ’s Highland Adventure.

Ok, I said I wouldn’t join anymore websites, but I have.

Whilst pondering over an out of date job vacancy, I had an explosion of imagination and have relocated one of my ongoing projects to the highlands of Scotland. As I’m in no position to go trekking north ‘o the border, right now, I’ve found me an online community of Scots folk. All seem friendly enough and hoping they’ll allow me to play a while and reconnect with ma roots. The family sort, not the hairy kind. Although, there’s a few “wil an gyte” characters lurking in the shadows. That’s “wild and crazy” to those not acquainted with the Doric dialect. Have the dictionary and able to travel by mind and spirit, if not in person.

So that’s my summer vacation all sorted…

Today my fortune cookie says: “Your most memorable dream will come true”. Not seen this one before and considering a recent dream, it’s a very nice thought.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Man for Hire

Last night, whilst eavesdropping on a conversation, I overheard two girls talking about a phone call one of them had received from some sexy bloke they’d both met. Anyway, to cut a long story short, this bloke called saying that he’d come over, do a strip for them and their friends, and follow it up with a drink whilst everyone took pictures of him. Sounds like a pretty nice bloke, don’t yer fink? All in all, about thirty minutes of this man’s time would cost a mere one hundred and twenty pounds. What a bargain between ten of them was the conclusion to their conversation.

Can you believe this girl? She thought it was amazing that he’d even called her… Der! Never heard of cold calling, I guess. Although, can’t imagine any man in his line of business doing anything in chilly conditions.

Young girls giving their numbers out to professional strippers… whatever next!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Father’s Day

As its Father’s Day, on Sunday, I’m going to take me Mother out for a drive. Not just because ma Dad is no longer here, but because, if he was, he’d appreciate the idea of getting the old girl outta the house to give him a bit of peace and quiet.

It’s been a few years since ma Dad passed away but it hasn’t stopped me having a wee chat with him when the need arises. In fact, I guess I talk to him more now than when he was alive. A bit ironic really, but time and space no longer divides us, just the lack of a physical presence. It’s a great comfort knowing he’s up there looking over me, of which I appreciate, and that’s why I’m taking me mother out. It’ll make it easier for him to keep his watchful eye on the both of us.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. God bless you. x

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Creativity held to ransom

Today my fortune cookie says: "Emphasize your own creativity." That’s easier said than done!

Sometimes the cogs of creation seize up and no matter how hard you bash out the ideas they’re never gonna make any sense if there’s no heart and soul in the development.

I’ve discovered over the years, and with hindsight, that I can write when I’m sad, but not when I’m totally miserable. It may come as a surprise to many who think they know me, but my life has not been a particularly joyous one since taking up writing. Not sure what the score would be if I was ever truly happy.

A day away or a competition can bring on a tidal wave of new ideas, and a temporary excitement, but every possibility needs nurture and momentum to fuel the creative process. Sadly, my momentum seems to have got up and gone, and the nurture cupboard has been stripped bare with an ongoing matrimonial saga that should have come to an end long ago.

So how does all this affect emphasizing my creativity? Well, In front of me I have four very rough drafts, potential entries for a short script competition. There’s just over a week to decide, complete and post an entry. The decision, alone, is a tough job when the wannabe writer has lost her heart and is being held to ransom by the pessimism of a lost and deluded soul.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A life between birth and death

It’s a mad, mad life between birth and death. The only thing we can ever be certain of is that one day, whether we like it or not, our bodies are going to give up on us. I was reminded by this fact not so long ago by a pal who’s trying to cling onto her body parts that are a little worse for wear.

When I fall out of my sack in a morning, and yep, I do fall out, everything aches. It takes a good hour before all me bits and pieces are functioning in a relatively ergonomic fashion with the environment. Once I’m off the floor, and in the shower, the day can begin.

One thing I’ve learnt, though, is that life is much more than what we can physically have, see or hear. The people who cross our lives and touch our hearts aren’t always as visible, or known, as the houses we live in, the cars we drive, or the places we work, but they often mean more by helping us evolve into the person we will one day become. That one day, is today, because yesterday is history and tomorrow never comes.