Sunday, 28 April 2013

What's Popped in a Pocket?

Or more specifically, what does a cowboy keep in his pockets?

Ha! No need to ponder, I got the evidence right here, and before any accusations start flying, Mister Valance willingly parted with his pants. Before I could give 'em a hot soak and spin, in me laundry appliance, I had to empty his pockets. No such joy on downsizing them, those pants were made to withstand the utmost of turbulences, and I’m sure they been through more beastings than me utility machine could muster.

Anyhow, as I likes to fink I’m a lady, most of the time, I’ll keep me findings to meself for now, but if you want to hazard a guest as to what I may, or may not, have found in Mister Valance very deep pockets, feel free to speculate.

Saturday, 13 April 2013


“Do me a favor”, that flammin' Cowboy said, and yep... there was definitely summit missing in his favour.

“Gimme yer dress”, he said. Defrocked, I was, in the blink of a whiskey chaser. I should’ve listened to me mother.

Heavens above don’t even know what he wanted wiv it, but I ain’t too happy at the countless encounters I’m coming across facing the butt of a half cocked weapon pointing at some one else’s mistakes. Now what the hell have yer done wiv me frock, Valance?