Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ouch... I think I just landed on my blog

Hello, JJ Cocker here.

Thought I’d spread my not so dainty angelic wings and venture into the world of blogging. An attempt, I guess, to develop my creative streak and keep acquainted with the real me.

You could say I’m taking a career break, at the moment. Sliding between positions, trying to pay the bills, which is far better than being caught up in a global corporation that seems hell bent on driving humanity down a single vision of one size fits all.

My dream is to write stories for the screen that inspire and lift the spirit. If my work pleases some people, some of the time, I’ll be happy. If it makes people laugh, or cry, I’ll be thrilled to bits, and if it makes people open up their hearts and minds and think about creating a better world, my mission would be complete.


  1. Hi, JJ. Thanks for the cookie - it was yummy!

  2. Hmm, so that's what it's supposed to be. I wouldn't care to say what it reminds me of.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the cookie, Patsy. Hope the message was uplifting.

    A fortune cookie is a fortune cookie, Mister Valance, it even says so on the box! Did you try one?

  4. The cookie says I should emphasise my creativity - good advice, I think.

  5. I just cottoned on. I clicked on that thing that looks like a camel toe... >>

    ... and got a message that says 'Great thoughts come from the heart.'

  6. Good! I'm glad you both found something uplifting and inspiring.

    Today, mine says... Wait for it...

    "Courage and optimism are your best traits."

    And there was me thinking I'd lost both of those!

  7. There you are then, if it's written in the fortune cookie then you've lost neither. And if you falter again I'll kick you where I can't miss.

  8. Could cause some carnage lifting those huge boots, Valance!

    "Courage is your greatest present need." Huh!