Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wannabe writers and other characters

Just thinking on a picture created by Mister Valance.

“The Porch” immortalises many characters who aim to inspire, conspire or simply desire a world full of their homespun fiction. The picture features the calling cards of wannabe poets, short story writers, novelists and scriptwriters all searching for their niche. Some may never find what they’re looking for, others may have already found it, but I’m looking at the picture as a snapshot in history, and wondering… Who the hell are they really?


  1. Does it really matter? Guess not, but at least I found a way to edit, now!

  2. You can edit? How?

    I don't think we'll never really know the people in that sketch - not even the two extremely attractive girls doing the Can Can.

  3. I've just read my cookie fortune - I so hope that thing is for real!

  4. Editing (blogs, not comments):

    Find your way into your Dashboard and click on Edit Posts. Brings up a list of your Blog postings.

    Click on the "Edit" link for the one you want to edit. Edit the text, and then publish. If an error message comes up with something about dissabling something or other, then disabble it, then the editing works.

    If the fortune cookie gave you something to smile about, then I hope it is for real, too.