Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Because, Creatively Speaking

Without much thought, I clicked on a horoscope link for today which made me ponder.

Jonathan Cainer’s homepage featured a letter from a reader who was fed up with “degenerate elements of society” and “pitiful role models”. Mr Cainer's response was as follows:

“So many of history's greatest writers, artists and musicians have been notorious drink or drug abusers. Perhaps the very same force that lets them push back creative boundaries erodes their self-restraint in other ways. If only we could find a way to respect the contribution of such 'degenerates' whilst helping them to release their talents without also releasing their demons.”
(Jonathan Cainer)

As an aspiring writer and supporter for creative expression, my desire for a more fulfilling life has released a number of challenges, over the years, sometimes leaving me feeling misunderstood and alone in the world. My self restraint in blindly accepting what others see as the norm, or the inevitable, was eroded long ago, because… Because what? Just because! That is often the response when asking why we do what we do, when it doesn’t make sense. There have been times where I’ve dug meself into atomic sized craters when making a stand for the things I believe in. Very few people have encouraged me to follow my dreams or support me in some of my crusades, even though they seemingly agree with the honourable intentions, because... 

I guess I’m lucky that I’ve never taken or been tempted to take drugs for recreational purposes, legal or otherwise, and prefer a doctor, pharmacist and the law to guide me in what medications should be taken for healthy well being. Even though me mother and ma father have admitted to slipping a drop of the highland spirit into me milk, when coughs and colds prevailed, it hasn’t led me to a life of intoxicating abuse, either.  Any alcohol related over indulgence, on my part, has always left me with severe after effects to ensure it’s not a regular derailment. A disciplined and grounded upbringing made it clear what was right and wrong so that my parents never blamed anyone but me, or themselves, when I did something wrong!

Some of my inner demons have been faced, confronted and conquered, but there still seems to be plenty more to tame in life’s trials and tribulations. All I can hope for is the respite, when needs must, whilst following my guiding star to wherever… because. Because without a journey, I’ll never find where I’m meant to be!

Erm… me finks I just found the answer to because… because you’ll never accept anything, until you get the question to the answer you’re looking for! 


  1. Well, I'm glad you got that off your chest. Looks like you scared everybody off.

  2. Ha... I'm good at that, but then you know that its not just the funny stuff that inspires me!