Sunday, 5 February 2012

Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award

Tsk, tsk, tsk… How could I have overlooked this?


I’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely Patsy for dishing out such a yummy mouth drooling treat to grace my page. Best acknowledge Mister Valance, too, for the follow up with kind words and not his boot. Although, me finks the pair of them are more interested in a cachet of disclosures than my unfortunate under-sight.

Some of my friends, and known associates, say I can be pretty damn sweet, when the occasion arises, so here’s seven bullet beats about me:

  • When it comes to chocolate, it’s the milk variety every time. Some say that’s not so good for the heart, but if equating chocolate to men, the rich and darker ones can break a few hearts, too.
  • I likes me strawberry jam without lumpy bits. Chuck in a few fruit scones and some clotted cream and I’m in a tea time dream.
  • Peanut Butter’s gotta be crunchie. A gal’s gotta have summit with bite now and again.
  • I’ll always skip a starter to get my just deserts.     
  • Whether it’s a spotted dick, tart, strudel or crumble, my ideal pudding drizzle is custard. It’s an old fashioned traditional British sauce, just like me!
  • Favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate, obviously!
  • And a banana a day makes up for the days when I could only have some things once a week, if I was lucky.

And here's my seven pointers to irresistibly sweet or naughty, but nice, bloggers:


  1. I would say something about tarts being drizzled with custard, but I'm sure a certain large hat wearing, porch dwelling, soup making cowboy will give us the benefit of his opinion on that matter so I'll just say you're right about peanut butter needing to be crunchy.

  2. There, you see you can do it when you try. Didn't need a helping boot from me, either.

    Tarts drizzled with custard, Patsy? Hmm.

  3. Nope, don't need a boot just now, Valance, and I'm surprised you haven't heard the tales of General Custard and his dribbles with tarts!

    Me finks this is a classic show not tell response, by the cowboy, Patsy. It's not what he says so much as what he may be finking... ;o)

  4. JJ!

    Thank you so much for the're a sweetheart and I have to thank Valance for telling me about it...I've been so neck deep in getting three book written for a six book series I've been bad at visiting and I'm still trying to learn my new laptop...yes, in the middle of writing a! ;-)

    But thank you for the award and thank you Valance for tell me!

    Hugs JJ YOu're a sweetie!

  5. JJ - you've been tagged! The details are on my blog. (seems to be the best way to get you to post stuff!)

  6. Sure is quiet here lately.

  7. Awww Miss JJ. I sure missed this! Thank you! I love it and adore you! I shall endeavor to do justice to such an award. If you take a gander at my current page that was from Mr. V. SOOOOOO I am gonn try and do up a good one for you! Thanks again!

  8. Cheers gals, and and its me pleasure pointing readers towards real talent.

    For your reference, Mister Valance, I been doing me best to keep out a trouble. Which is more than can be said about you... Stud ;o)

  9. Folks will wonder what yer been up to smiling like that!

  10. No they won't. They'll just smile an innocent and bemused what-the-hell's-she-talking-about smile. Same as I did.

  11. UP for a breath from writing and dropping in to give a hug and say hi!


  12. I get a lot of that "bemused what-the-hell's-she-talking-about smile", Valance!

    Yup... I been scribing hard, too, Miss Hawk!