Sunday, 6 January 2013

When I Started to Write

I started to write

Which set ma wee world striving

But I never thought

Oh no

That the pitching would be so bad

Oh yes

I started to sing

Which started me neighbours crying

Oh if I’d only heard

That me voice wasn’t for humming!

I looked at the sky

Rubbing me hands over me ears

And I fell outta me perch

Hurting me lungs

About things that I’d sung

Till I finally cried

Which started ma wee world laughing

Oh, if I’d only bounced

Then the joke wouldn’t be on me!

That was me a pondering after listening to these sad, but lovely words, sung by Robin Gibb.

And me surmising is no surprise, that those who share the emotions of pain and joy have a heart to share. Just hope I can get that over in me writings. 


  1. If the writing were all we had to do ...

  2. And all the hard grafting before you even put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard... No rest for the imagination!