Sunday, 31 March 2013

Here’s Me Number

Here’s me number, but don’t expect anything more than a hug or a smooch until you’ve enticed me with some food for thought. 

Well, that was a quick summary of a conversation earlier today that revolved around a girlie take on life as a singleton with blinkers on. You see, I been told me flirting abilities are pretty good, but I see the wink, wink, nod, nods as approval to me sense of humour, not a springboard to me boudoir. Being a friendly gal, who tends to dig herself in deep when it comes to the artefacts of life, I’d like a wee bit more spelling out, 'cause I can’t always read the show not tell when its right in front of me. So, me finks its time to take a step back, do a spot a pondering, and see if things get any clearer.  

High ho silver lining, no matter where I roam, this Sunday, the sun has gotta come shining one day!


  1. Huh! When I tried spelling out I got my face slapped.

  2. Maybe I don't understand your kinda spelling, Cowboy!