Friday, 13 May 2016

Here Comes Friday 13th

Friday 13th, always been a lucky date in my book and, with positive thinking, I'm looking out beyond the current confines of me perch.

The weather forecast says Friday 13th May 2016 is going to be a sunshine sizzler along the coast. So, I've dug out, dusted off and packed up me creative kits and bathing bits, put yesterday's torrential rain and flash flooding out of me mind, and I'm off for a day on the beach. 

Here comes summer and here goes JJ...


  1. ...and there's goes everyone stampeding off the beach.

  2. Just so happens, I know beaches so near, yet so far, far away from the tourista hot spots, that nobody goes running when I arrive, cos there's no one there in the first place. So, there, sticky-out-tongue-at-yer, Cowboy.

  3. Huh! The only reason there's no one there when you arrive is they all heard you coming.

  4. So... You felt the earth move, did ya, Valance?