Sunday, 25 September 2016

High on a Wire

High on a wire tiptoed a lovely lady

Led by a gent at an outdoor soiree
What an enchanting evening of entertainment!

Pondering the delights of this funambulist spectacle, with spectacular nostalgic resonance, me finks mixing the artful craft and dedication of a circus performer with music hall storytelling has an enduring ability to capture the hearts of a live audience.

Mmm, living a creative life, high up on ma perch, is not that unusual after all...


  1. Writing and circus performing do have a lot in common - though sometimes I wonder if I'm the ringmaster or the clown.

  2. Stick to being creative on a reinforced balcony Miss JJ. Just thinking of you on a high wire gives me the shudders.

    (You're ring master material Patsy, definitely. Kinky boots, fish net tights, whip in hand... sigh.)

  3. Simmer down, Valance. It may be some time since I've given anyone anyfing to shudder about, but getting all hot and horny ain't no good for a retired cowboy!

  4. Yep! Nag away, Patsy, I deserve it. Hands up, I been beyond pondering and procrastinating and getting lost in the lands of nod and nonsense!

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