Tuesday, 30 June 2009

JJ’s Highland Adventure.

Ok, I said I wouldn’t join anymore websites, but I have.

Whilst pondering over an out of date job vacancy, I had an explosion of imagination and have relocated one of my ongoing projects to the highlands of Scotland. As I’m in no position to go trekking north ‘o the border, right now, I’ve found me an online community of Scots folk. All seem friendly enough and hoping they’ll allow me to play a while and reconnect with ma roots. The family sort, not the hairy kind. Although, there’s a few “wil an gyte” characters lurking in the shadows. That’s “wild and crazy” to those not acquainted with the Doric dialect. Have the dictionary and able to travel by mind and spirit, if not in person.

So that’s my summer vacation all sorted…

Today my fortune cookie says: “Your most memorable dream will come true”. Not seen this one before and considering a recent dream, it’s a very nice thought.


  1. Och weel, you'll be taking the high road then. Give my regards to Pa Broon and Oor Wullie.

  2. Wull ye no come back again?

  3. Yup, sorely. But I won't miss you with my boot if you let it go to your head.