Thursday, 18 June 2009

Creativity held to ransom

Today my fortune cookie says: "Emphasize your own creativity." That’s easier said than done!

Sometimes the cogs of creation seize up and no matter how hard you bash out the ideas they’re never gonna make any sense if there’s no heart and soul in the development.

I’ve discovered over the years, and with hindsight, that I can write when I’m sad, but not when I’m totally miserable. It may come as a surprise to many who think they know me, but my life has not been a particularly joyous one since taking up writing. Not sure what the score would be if I was ever truly happy.

A day away or a competition can bring on a tidal wave of new ideas, and a temporary excitement, but every possibility needs nurture and momentum to fuel the creative process. Sadly, my momentum seems to have got up and gone, and the nurture cupboard has been stripped bare with an ongoing matrimonial saga that should have come to an end long ago.

So how does all this affect emphasizing my creativity? Well, In front of me I have four very rough drafts, potential entries for a short script competition. There’s just over a week to decide, complete and post an entry. The decision, alone, is a tough job when the wannabe writer has lost her heart and is being held to ransom by the pessimism of a lost and deluded soul.