Saturday, 23 October 2010

To Make Up For My Emptiness

“To make up for my emptiness, I turned to art.”

I picked up this Fellini quote, not so long ago, from the back of a theatre programme for a beautiful little play dedicated to: “journey men and women; clowns, poets, actors, musicians, storytellers and magicians who throughout time have often lived on the fringes of society”.

“Dolce Via” led my imagination beyond a studio theatre, and across the open pains of life. The two characters, consumed by their story, made me smile; brought a lump to my croaky throat, and vaporised my sniffles. Can art really fill an empty void? Erm... Me is a pondering…

Whilst the peace and tranquillity of my secluded perch brings a smile to my face, everyday, it’s not enough to fully inspire and motivate my creativity. You see, I truly believe that passion makes the words go round. The unrequited love I still feel for another may just be a dream through a flimsy held connection, but the emptiness is real. I’ve delved deep into the hidden depths of my soul and touched the darkness.

Can art make up for the emptiness?


But self expression and loving yourself can.

In the 1996 film “Loch Ness”, Isabel tells Mr. Dempsey: “you’ve got to believe it before you can see it”.

I am beautiful.

I am beautiful, kind and compassionate.

I am beautiful, and I am who I want to be.

“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
(Carl Gustav Jung)  


  1. Well go ahead - express yourself and love yourself, the way your friends and family love you, just the way you are.