Friday, 24 September 2010

Summit For The Weekend

When I moved into me new bachelorette pad, I thought I’d better invest in some rubber, for health and safety purposes only. I mean, it is a hap-hazard world we live in, and every gal has the right, and duty, to be safe in all her endeavours.

To be perfectly honest, when doing me initial market research, I was taken in by silicon, and went colour coordinated, utensil mad trying it out in a not so hot and steamy kitchen, but that's another story.

Thankfully, that phase soon passed, and I went back to good old faithful rubber for me wet and wild side.


I do have a very wet and wild side…

And I didn't want any little,

or shockingly bump-ti-ous accidents, for that matter.

So, I invested in this, not so quackers, rubber footage for me bathroom:


  1. You are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! And I love *waggles eyebrows* your wet and wild side!!
    Hugs honey! Have a great weekend! Smooches to you!


    Yah, you had me going! Funny girl! Get us thinking one way then pull the carpet right out from under us!

    Now I'll have to go over to Cecile's wet the whistle. LOL

    Great post! Well done! You got a smile out of me for sure!


  3. Got a smile out of me to, Minx. Now unless I'm mistaken, those ducks look nervous. Poor fellas.

  4. You did warn me about the ducks, yet still I was unprepared! (for a moment there I thought you were referring to your hobby involving physical exercise, lying down and salty liquid)

  5. Patsy, that is plain mischievous.

  6. Me a Minx and Patsy mischievous? I guess that's a compliment coming from the evolved, randy, rauncy cowboy, huh Valance?

    The quacks are made of durable rubber, besides, the Octopus sponge keeps them cornered!

    Good to see you gals from across the pond are amused. Just keep Valance happy so he keeps his boots off me arse.

  7. I ain't evolved, I'm just less dormant. Us lean mean, rootin' tootin' types have a past, you know. And just like your ass, there's plenty behind me.

  8. Less dormant, huh? Them gals on yer porch are certainly stirring summit, cowboy!

  9. Trouble, usually.

  10. Hey!

    Troubles me middle name and Valance is usually looking for it! That man just loves to get me ire up!

    Don't you worry JJ...I'll keep his boots on the floor right next to OUR BED...he don't know it yet but his leash is getting shorter and shorter. Tehehehehehehehe

    That man Valance will marry me one day.


    *wink wink*

  11. JJ - there's a little surprise for you over at my place.