Friday, 31 December 2010

Grow Your Own Toyboy

What a surprise, I got a “Grow A Toyboy” for Christmas.

The packaging says:

“Tout your toyboy around and be the envy of all your friends. He’s young, gorgeous and virile. He can grow all night and then go home!”

Sounds good to me! Gonna pop him in some water and by the time he’s big enough the rest of the instructions may start to make sense.

Anyways, I got a few other books to read and digest in anticipation for a new start in a new year.

Happy Hogmanay x


  1. Water, JJ? I'd be tempted to grow him in Iron Brew or tonic wine ...

  2. I love it!! I love it!!!!
    Happy New Years to you my love & Happy Hogmanay!
    Here is to many more!

  3. Never thought of that, Patsy. An iron man could be just the tonic to go wiv me gin, gin, cheerios.

    And thanks to Cecile and Hawk. I plan on continuing my visits to check out the hot guys laid bare across yer pages.

  4. Well well, I wander over to The Perch and what do I find? A crow's nest. Happy New Year, JJ. I ain't even gonna ask just what that Toyboy is.