Saturday, 18 December 2010

Oh Come All Ye Comical

Oh come all yea comical, the skiving angels sang, whilst three sun seeker kings decked their beach huts with holly and scurvy. The little town of Blogsville was hoping for a silent knight to clear the snow in the winter wonderland, but the angels from the helms of a ferry had other ideas. They were about to invite the gritters’ to their offshore Christmas party.

O’Tannenbaum, rattled his silver bells at Mary who had brought her toy boy, ruddy red nosed Rudolph, along with a bottle of Ave Maria, which left them both walking in the air.

Less than twelve days to Christmas and Santa Claus is coming to town, not because the lady use to love a certain kind a chocolate, but because a child was born. God arrest all the ding, dong, merrily on high, gentle men and frisky ladies willing to have it away with a manager for the sake of auld lang syne. 


  1. Very good, JJ. I'm amused. Smiled a couple of times, too. And there's scope to expand it, I think, if you feel inclined to.

    (No luck with the videos though)

  2. It's a revamp of an old piece I did full of Christmas carols and such like, Valance. Just trying to keep up with the festive cheer on these cold winter nights.

    Cheers, bottoms up, and down the hatch with summit warm.

  3. Well OK, thanks for the smiles, but bottoms up is something I don't care to dwell on.

  4. Cheers and **cough** bottoms up honey!!!!

    Mr V, sometimes bottoms up can be a good thing. Come'on old cowboy... *big smiles*

    Have a great nighty!!!

  5. Cecile, if you could only see the size of JJ's.

  6. All this padding has come in mighty handy in this slip, slidding weather, Valance.

  7. this looks like a Santa for Elaine! Very cute!

    xox Hawk