Sunday, 16 January 2011

Wet Weekend

What can I say…? It’s been a wet and drizzly weekend, so I’ve had no excuse not to write. I’ve tinkered with plots and rallied me characters, but no sign of a real script materialising as yet. 

Me porky lazy arse has taken a wander into town, and I’m still enjoying me simple little world beside the sea. I guess that’s heading in the right direction.  

As for me salacious thoughts about finding a man… Well, I been looking towards me family and friends trying to pick up tips. It appears all one has to do is post a note up on Facebook, if you have zillions of friends, asking if anyone wants a… 


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying life. Now get on and DO SOME WRITING!!!

  2. Hey honey.... Well you know, I would go hunting with you for you man... Just say the word and we will go round up some men!!!

  3. 'asking if anyone wants a...'

    I can guess. (Good thing it wasn't a bar of chocolate.)

  4. I was always cr@p when it came to the gal meets boy kinda stuff, Cecile. Yup... Valance. Me finks I'm gonna stick to piling up the pounds wiv ma choccie.