Sunday, 20 March 2011

Summit for Mister Valance

On passing by Mister Valance's porch, I stumbled on him making his singing debut.

Oh mercy, and praise the lord, for soapy suds clouding me view. He'd even taken all his clothes off for the performance.

But when I looked closely...
... summit...
... was...

... definitely...

... missing!

There's more than enough "ladies" hanging around the place to help him scrub his back, but what's a boy to play with, when splashing in the tub?

I is a pondering...

Periscopes up or down, who knows!

Still pondering...

Nothing untoward above the rippling tide line.

Pondering more...

For all I know, he could even have his boots on, hidden beneath the murky depths, in case he needs to make a quick exit.

Pondering over.
Me finks the cowboy could do with one of these:


  1. I agree, JJ. What a man needs in his bath is a bird with a big chest...

  2. Hmm, I might have known. Oh well, the way this story was heading I ought to be grateful it was only a duck that was missing. And at least you referred to my singing as 'singing.' Thanks JJ. Quack, quack.

    Patsy - you are so right.

  3. Pretty brave of the cowboy to expose himself so vulnerable and all. I wonder who's gardin' his whiskey stash...

  4. Just you keep your eyes off that whiskey, Miss Sweet. I've still got my suspicions about the last lot I had stolen, concerning a bunch of females and a saloon of bad repute. Me being a man that prides himself on his hospitality, it shamed me real bad to have no whiskey for my friends, and I ain't chancing it happening again.

  5. Saloon of bad repute! Well, my oh my do you have a sharp tongue on you... *grumblegrumble*

  6. Wouldn't allow me any credit, that's for sure. I reckon that's bad enough. And I ain't taking certain other things into account, things that would shame the devil, or even Miss JJ.

  7. We ain't the devil, but the shameful don't trust no one, Mister Valance. Not even a fine upstanding cowboy like yourself.

  8. Me finks you're right, Patsy, and before Valance comments, It's gonna take a slight fella to squeeze alongside me in ma tub!

    Yup, Miss Sweet, I did fink Valance was terribly brave to expose himself on t'internet.

    Credit where credit's due, Valance, you carry on "singing" in yer tub, but you'll have to excuse me if I don't buy any tickets for further forth coming events!

  9. Hmm, is that so? Well let me tell you something - if ever I had the misfortune to be a bubble in your bath, I'd take one look at your ass and pop myself before you got into the water.

  10. Erm... Me finks you given me a thought, Valance!

  11. Glad to be of service.

  12. It was just the thought. The bath and bubbles were of me own making!

  13. Hmm, well it's a little unladylike, but it's gracious of you to take the blame.