Sunday, 24 April 2011

I'm Forever Blowing...

With the aid of eco friendly washing up liquid and scissor handles, I been blowing more bubbles and trying to get arty.

Here's a picture of a string of bubbles, as plain as the day they were took, and then again, after a little insoluble editing:

And the best bubble, of all, landed on the floor:

I guess that in many ways, this is what I'm all about. Living on the edge; blowing freely with me scribing, and ironing out the wrinkles when I can. 


  1. Very arty, JJ. Shame about your wrinkles.

  2. Yup! A crying shame, cowboy!

  3. Cheers, Miss Sweet. I been trying me hands at other creative pursuits! :o)

  4. How vivid! I try and try to take cool pics like that!! NEVER happens!