Monday, 25 April 2011

Wander to Ponder

Who would wanna go anywhere else, when such beauty is on the doorstep?

Travel is one of those activities I can do by mind or body. When the whim or lack of inspiration strikes, I pack up a bag, and off I go. Writing on the beach has always been a firm favourite, and so was sitting in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, once upon a time.

I guess, when honesty strikes, I just love being outside. Not one for being cooped up, but the nuts and bolts of my writing craft are generally hammered out inside. You see, my faithful laptop doesn’t like the glare of the sun, tried screens and shades to no avail, and a hint of rain or damp has the keyboard threatening to lock itself out, permanently. Me perch in paradise is not just a dream, but a compromise, allowing me to write, and see, the world in front of me.

Inspiration does not flow freely unless it is allowed to roam, and that my friends, is why I wander to ponder, here, there, and anywhere!


  1. My laptop is the same... I do a lot of thinking about my writing while I'm out walking or working out of doors, but I find it difficult to write anywhere but at my desk.
    Apparently, Nigel Tranter thought out most of his books on long walks in the Highlands. I understand that he had difficulty reading the notes he wrote on such excursions, though - weather and walking over rough terrain makes for poor legibility. Well, I could have told him that! LOL

  2. Beautiful view, JJ.

    Just wondering... ain't taken to carrying a hammer and chisel, have you? Only I'm looking at that stone in the foreground and imagining you bashing out a poem or something on it, Fred Flintstone style.

  3. I find I do my best thinking behind while driving. Not quite as dangerous as DRINKING and driving, but certainly a distraction from the road. :D Perhaps it is the adrenaline rush of near misses.

  4. I find travel does boost the creativity, too, Miss Sweet.

    Thanks, Valance... My laptop wishes it was made of stone, the way I give it a good hammering!

    Is that newfenees from Scotster? Thanks for dropping in. I'll checkout your blog, too!

  5. Hi JJ... Yes, I'm on Scotster - Canadian Book Lady aka Elizabeth. Newfenees is actually my dog Stella, but she lets me use her Wordpress ID when blogging, LOL.

  6. Welcome to my world, Elizabeth.