Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tackling Thursday Thoroughly

Nearly the weekend… Let’s get the decks cleared!

Me finks I gotta try and make the best outta this glorious weather, especially seeing as there's no progress on the writing front. Also gotta consider an invitation request to discuss inspirational, non-public matters from a spectacular view...

Once again, a big thank you to Elizabeth, from Scotster, for giving me the thoughts for seven days of daily meanderings.

So if you’ll excuse me, now, I’ll go and get some serious, possibly life changing, pondering done!


  1. This spectacular view you're pondering about wouldn't be The Ponderosa, would it?

  2. But what will happen next week? And where's today's? I've been enjoying myself.

  3. You're right, we really should get out and enjoy the nice weather - soon that excuse for prorastination will be gone until spring! (Er, yes I was out in the garden earlier ...)

  4. Yup, I was looking forward to more, too. Looks like your hot streak ended with Forgotten Friday.

  5. Ha... Did the Frolicking Friday Fun the week before, Valance.

    Thanks Petra and Patsy. Not sure what's happening tomorrow or the day after, but me perch is still bloomin' and I made the most of the glorious weather.

    As for me daily ramblings... I set meself a task of just seven thoughts for each day of the week, and I did start on a Friday, so finished this job on a Thursday, in plenty of time for the weekend :o)