Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One Man's Island

Here we are in October and with a late burst of scorching sun, I took meself off to one of Dorset's finest beaches on Saturday.

Yup… This picture was taken on Saturday 1st October 2011 near Durdle Door.

Didn’t quite make it over to the island, when I took me dip, but sitting on the beach set me a pondering as to what that teeny, weeny bloke, sat over there all on his lonesome, was finking. The beach was crowded, by the way, so he probably wouldn’t have noticed little ol’ me languishing on the pebble dashed shores.

Somehow, the idea of a desert island can seem romantic, but it’s not where we are, what we’re doing, or where we’re going that matters, it’s who we’re with. So… with that thought in mind, and now there’s no life guards stationed on the beaches, me finks I better start looking for “company” for me ongoing pursuits!



  1. You're right about the romance coming from the person you're with - for me, that makes ferry ports romantic destinations!

  2. Hi JJ, I'm giving you the friendly blogger award (because you're my friend and you blog)

  3. Hmm, so you're ready to dip your dainty toe in the water again, huh?

    It's a beautiful picture, JJ. I wonder what the same view looked like a week later. The weather's been lousy here this past few days.

  4. Super fantastic! Did you live that close or was it vacation! *sigh*** wishing I could be there!

  5. Cheers, Patsy. Still trying to grapple with the idea of romance. Can't figure it out,to be honest, and thanks for the award... duely passed on!

    Trying, Valance, but you know me... When I want summit, I want it NOW... and when I get me head turned, or find summit to tickle me giggle guns, I need to be harnessed before doubt creeps back in! Didn't go back a week later, but weather's still pretty good down here for this time a year :o)

    And yup, Miss April, that stunning shoreline is not too far away, and every day feels like a holiday, when you live beside the sea.