Thursday, 22 December 2011

Angels and Fairies

At this time of year with Christmas preparations in full throttle, it's nice to see angels in abundance. I kinda look at these little cherubs as being not too dissimilar to fairies. You see, they both have wings and they're the folk we send our thoughts of wanted wishes to in order to pave the way for happier times.

So here's wishing that all life's woes and worries get an angelic nod or wave of a magic wand and let the good times roll.

Abracadabra... Poof... What would you like for Christmas?



  1. I want to be with my Gary, see my family and have plenty to eat and drink. Can't say which winged creatures might be responsible, but it looks as though my wish will come true.

    Have a great Christmas, JJ.

  2. There you go... proof that it does work. Thanks for confirmation Patsy, and have a great Christmas.

  3. Oh, not much. A plate of steak and onions maybe... pouch of tobacco... a new hat... a bottle of whiskey or three, a night with the Dixie Lee Saloon girls. Ain't much else I'd want, other than a darn good alibi.

  4. Hey honey, I just wanted to pop in to wish you a very blessed Christmas holiday!!! Hope Santa brings you what you really want! =) Hugs to you!!!

  5. Well, Valance... I got no idea what you cowboys do for alibis, but I'm sure the whiskey helps with any confrontation. Hope you got what you wanted, from either Santa or the Dixie Lee Saloon gals... ;o)

    Hope you had a good Christmas, too, Miss Cecile. Nice to see you around Blogsville again. :o)