Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just Finking

... and a pondering my creative journey so far. 

Its been a long and challenging path surfing my way through a multitude of creative writing web sites, good and bad, over the years. Lost my way a few times; hit a few dark corners and climbed many a summit, or other, but found a stage for artistic expression; a rebellious voice and a driving force for eternal freedom in the process. 

The BBC got me started with Get Writing and Morewriting developed me. Sadly both are gone, and so have some of my inspirers and teachers. 

So here's a big thank you to all those that have assisted me on my way. Not sure where I'm going next, or where I'll end up, but writing has helped find me, be me, and have faith in myself, cos no other bugger has a clue about  what I'm about most of the time!


  1. It was sad to say goodbye to those sites - they helped me a lot too.

  2. But me finks there comes a time, when a writer with limited time, has to spend their time writing!

    Sorry about this pop up box, thingy. Just found and managed to change the comments format so I can post. Me finks the techy geeks have been piddling behind the scenes of Blogger!

  3. Because no bugger has a clue what you’re about most of the time? Well, I ain’t gonna argue with that. Tell you something though – wherever you go, and whatever you do, keep that faith and be true to your rebellious, rumbustious, endearing self. And when you’re done pondering, and crediting institutions and individuals for helping you on the way, you can give yourself a pat on the back. Help is a two way street, and I know you (and Patsy) did a whole lot more than your share. As a long term beneficiary of your encouragement, I’d just like to put my appreciation on record and tell the world I’ll be forever grateful for the kind words and warm humour of a stranger who became a friend. Thanks Pard.

  4. I hope I cna comment now. Had some trouble! Mr. V. bought made be tear up! Happy New Year Miss JJ! Good luck with all of yuor endeavors!

  5. JJ, I've nominated you for the Irrestibly Sweet Blogger award. Please pop over to mine if you'd like to accept it.

  6. Ahhh... fanks, Phots.

    I have trouble commenting at the best of times, Miss Kracken, and I'll do me best endeavouring.

    Pah, poo-eey... yer getting all gooey on me, Cowboy. I'm working on the help bit and making attempts at the networking scene. Watch this space!

  7. I've been watching this space for three weeks now. Ain't seen a thing yet.