Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Testing the Button

As we step into another New Year, time racing ahead of my control, I've been looking at practical matters and me 'elf and safety needs:

The men in uniforms unleashing hoses from their appliances are an added bonus, of course. Me finks the entertainment value is testament that even the mundane can become memorable when so nicely packaged. Where's a Smiley or an emoticon when you need it? Yup... I'm smiling... very wildly!

I know, I know... But when I said I was going to be nice this year, I didn't mean hanging up me trident in favour of being a Miss Nerdy Sensible Shoes! Come on... Wherever I may roam, or hide, I'll always be me!

Must get on and push a few buttons, now.


  1. JJ, I'm very glad to know you'll always be you!

  2. Cheers, Patsy. Us writing types are a unique bunch, and we do seem to understand each other ;o)

  3. Smiling at all those unleashed hoses, huh? I might have known.

  4. YUP... :o)

    For entertainment purposes only!