Friday, 10 August 2012

The Liebster Award - Pizza or Curry?

Terry, the Gypsy King, has been kind enough to bestow me with the honour of The Liebster Award. So here's my response to his random set of questions: 

1. Pizza or Curry?

Pizza, as I don't do curry. After discussing my dislike for curry, with a gourmet of a friend, I've come to the conclusion its summit to do with pod spices rather than the heat most people associate with this type of cuisine. 

2. Tom Baker or Matt Smith? 

Neither! Not a big fan of Dr Who, but I may change my mind if a lady doctor emerges from the Tardis one day. 

3. Roger Moore or Daniel Craig?

Not much of a choice, there, considering Sean Connery was the best James Bond, with Pierce Brosnan a close runner up, so my answer, again, is neither! 

4. If you could only save one possession from your burning house, what would it be?

An oil painting of the one and only original J.J. Cocker. 

5. What is your biggest pet hate?

I don't have a pet hate on account my landlord says I'm not allowed to have pets on me perch. 

6. When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost had a wee?

Erm... When someone misunderstood what I'd said, and replied: "Well I didn't think that sounded like my father"! As to what it was, well, I couldn't really say, but you had to be there to get the bounce on the joke.

7. What's the worst book you've ever read?

Catcher in the Rye. Awful! Never finished it and to think my first ever Creative Writing teacher said it was a must read.

8. What is your favourite TV show?

Don't watch TV much these days, even though I should, so I'm going to opt with my all favourite sitcom, Vicar of Dibley, for the accolade. 

9. Is there a God? Why? Why not?

Of course there is a God. In the beginning there had to be something, cos if you don't have something, then you got nothing. And... when considering what came first, does there have to be a reason why the chicken crossed the road?  

10. Tell us a good joke.

A friend of mine has been going steady for sometime and every time she attends a family wedding at least one aunt gives her a nudge and says: "it'll be you next time".

So to retaliate, my friend says the next time she goes to a funeral, she's going to nudge those confetti nudgers and say: "it'll be you next time"! 

11. Have you had enough now?

Think not! It seems Patsy has got summit lined up for me, too!

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