Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stitchy Witchy Who!

Toil, oil, boil and bubble.

A full moon waning, emotions subsiding. Tis that time of year to remember the spirit, the one within and the ones we greet. This is a spell to instill truth and compassion, granting light in the darkness; relief in a need. The wisdom for all to live in peace, love and harmony, right where we live, in the here and now.

Pull up a chair, and set a place, for that special person, or people, who can no longer sit in the space. The dearly departed, who crossed our paths, are never too far from the memories we made.

Send out a thought, make a toast; the unseen and unknown doesn't have to be scary or cold. Sharing a moment, between there and here, is food for the soul, high in understanding and low in judgement.

May your potential be nurtured, with encouragement for growth.
Happy Halloween


  1. Hope you had a good hallowe'en, JJ.

  2. I did... I went to a spoofed up castle, but no real spooks were seen!