Saturday, 13 April 2013


“Do me a favor”, that flammin' Cowboy said, and yep... there was definitely summit missing in his favour.

“Gimme yer dress”, he said. Defrocked, I was, in the blink of a whiskey chaser. I should’ve listened to me mother.

Heavens above don’t even know what he wanted wiv it, but I ain’t too happy at the countless encounters I’m coming across facing the butt of a half cocked weapon pointing at some one else’s mistakes. Now what the hell have yer done wiv me frock, Valance?


  1. I'll give you back just as soon as I find it. Honest.

  2. D'you think we might be better off not knowing?

  3. He didn't leave you in yer bloomers did he? I mayhap have something you can wear if needs be!

  4. Honest... from a rogue rampager like you, Valance?

    I wanna know, Patsy. I'm gonna be hard pushed to find another hard wearing, soft and silky multi textured fabric frock.

    Worst than that, Miss Kracken... Left me in his ludicrously long threads. I keep tripping meself up.

  5. Cross my heart and hope to die if I tell a lie.

  6. Ha... And as Morrigan once told me, the quickest way to a man's heart is through the ribcage with a sharp knife, so you better not be telling any porkies, Valance!