Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fifty Shades

One third easy reading unorthodox love story; two thirds instruction manual for the unenlightened. 

Mr Grey's "Meet Fifty Shades" perspective, at the end of Fifty Shades Freed, leaves no doubt as to who had the upper hand in a heroine's non-submissive adventures. 

Did I learn anything?

You bet!

If there's a Mr Grey out there for me, he'll come looking for the real me, not the easily led submissive! 


  1. Sheesh! Well that's that... it's too late for that talk with your mother now.

  2. Don't tend to talk of me literary pursuits wiv me mother, Valance. She's not one for books.

  3. I've not read these books - did read the opening of the first on Amazon just so I could form my own opinion of the writing style and decided it wasn't for me.

  4. Me finks the opening is setting the trap for those looking for a bit of you know what. ;o)

    Although, you hit the nail on the head referring to the beginning as a style, Patsy, as it didn't seem to lend itself to a unique voice at first. However, I liked the simplicity in the writing and it made it an easy read after a hard day working and scribbing.

    A borderline genre, me finks, that can't easily be classified, hence the reason publishers didn't like it, perhaps! It's not porn, and it's not Mills and Boon, but there's a flirty shades of summit somewhere in between!

    Anyhow, just my opinion. I'm glad I read it and would read another book by the same author.

  5. It's good that there are books to suit all tastes!

  6. Miss JJ do you have one of those things were I can add my email and get your blog straight to my email? Just asking!


  7. I'm a manic eclectic in all that I do, Patsy!

    Think I've done it Miss Kracken, and thanks for asking.