Saturday, 11 May 2013

Going Under Cover

Latest mission is to go beyond.

Go somewhere far reaching, further than I've ever been before.

Delving under the covers, for literary purposes only.

I'm told it's guaranteed to stir, induce a tremble, or full on shakes.

Following in the footsteps of woman-kind.

I am about to delve...

... in ...

... to  ...

... the ...

... top-a-the-fillies-lust-list ...

 ... Fifty Shade's of summit or other.

I may be gone some time.


  1. *Knock knock!*

    Anybody home? Miss JJ, are you there?

    Hmm, I'm getting worried. Twenty four hours have passed since she tucked herself into bed with that darn book. She'll be ruined.

  2. Hey Miss JJ...I've been gone a long time, are you still talking to me?

    What's this DO NOT DISTURB sign? It's got Valance so worried I had to make a special trip over to see what all the fuss was about...are you ok?

    OH HO...Fifty Shades of Grey!!! Well, then you're gonna want to talk to me...I've been writing a 7 book erotica series...when you make it out of the 50's summit...alive, and come up for air...stop by. Today, I've got a post (yeah, I know, it's been forever) but I have a new young author I want all of you to know about...and she can write an awesome's published at Amazon!

    So, if you get the time, please stop in for a visit.


  3. Not one book, Valance. It was a pack of three, and all devoured in quick succession!

    Hello there, Miss Hawk. Been kinda busy off-line, but I'll try and pop in your place sometime soon to look at the eye candy.

  4. Holy sinbones; too right, Valance. The shinbones had nowt to do wiv it ;)

  5. JJ,

    well if you like 50'll LOVE my books when they come out...50 is tame compared to mine.

    Let me know what you think of it...her is all about sex...My series has a paranormal- futuristic plot along with a sizzling sex scenes...just ask Valance! He's read bits of those sex scenes.


  6. Hey JJ,

    I just came back to see if you replied and reread my comment...damn, it sounds arrogant...I didn't mean it the way it sounds...I read 50 - I liked it...I was just pointing out that 50's plot is all around sex and was just letting you know I have a sub plot of paranormal-futuristic surrounding my plot of erotic sex...I in no way intended to put down or thumb my nose at 50...I admire the author.

    So...please know I didn't mean any malice in my comment about 50.

  7. Hey, no worries Hawk! I'm not one for reading erotica, doesn't do anything for me, but wanted to find out why a current big seller was turned by the publishing houses. By the same token, I've still got to read Harry Potter. Maybe one day!

    There's an easy reading story of exploration and self discovery behind the flirty, Fifty Shades of shirty-less bits. In my opinion, it carries a depth of emotion, feeling and feminity which has appeal, even to me, and it's not really erotica in my book... I stick to the show not tell when it comes to the sizzling sessions in ma world ;o)