Wednesday, 18 August 2010

If Pigs Could Fly

If pigs could fly

I’d let out a sigh

I don’t care how lucky it would be

Please don’t drop one on me!

Miss Cecile has got me a pondering, and pondering is what I like to do around here. Putting aside the gorgeous delights flexing their gelled hairlines over on her uncensored pages, if you could have a fanciful wish, or two, what would you wish for?

Ho hum, I know, it’s a real toughie not asking for world peace, at times like this, but that would require all the politicians in the world to go on an advanced intensive diplomatic training course. The cost couldn’t be justified against their qualifications and experience, anyway, but I was thinking of summit nice. The cream on the scone, so to speak, more than the baked necessities of life that never seem to turn out quite right.

So, seeing as I can’t turn the clock back, and I have to put up with me older and less agile self, me thinks I’d wish for someone inappropriate and agile to help me with the little things I hate doing on me own.


  1. Honey you are a rare find! You know I love to get people thinkin... it keeps the mind young!!
    Hugs to you honey!

  2. Yep... I guess I am rare, medium rare, and still basting on an open fire. Glad I jumped outta me stifling girdle, though, and many would say it's a blessing that there's no one quite like me!

  3. OH honey, dont you worry.. I always use to say that once I was born, I broke the mold cuz there is no one else like me! Really... And believe me, I do think so people think that is a blessing that there is only one me!

  4. Hmm, only one Miss JJ and only one Miss Cecile. That means you're both unique. But I knew that anyway. Means you're both special, too.

  5. Mr V, you are such a smooth talker hon!!! Such a way with words!

  6. He sure does, but watch that boot of his, Cecile. I don't mind the odd bit a leather, but his boots are mighty big!

  7. OH believe me honey... His boots ain't what I'm watching... **Giggles, that is a shame. Gave myself a case of giggles!**

  8. You'll be making the cowboy blush, now!

  9. Ain't nothing wrong with that Suga!

  10. Blush? I wouldn't bet on it. Going back to the topic of a fanciful wish or two (there's a similar thread on Hawk's blog,) it'd be wonderful to go back in time and and relive our lives, with the knowledge and experience we have now. Yup, and the first thing I'd do differently is... I'd have stayed away from Susan Hollis in 1972.

  11. ...and gone after Linda Morgan instead (*smile*)

  12. Yep, I bin and taken a wander over there. Glad I did with the eye candy she's got laid across her pages.

    So, now you started, finish it off, Valance. What made you opt for Susan Hollis over Linda Morgan? Could it have summit to do with tits v intelligence?

  13. Ah HA! SOooooooo...this is where everyone is! I was wondering where everyone was going when they weren't on the porch...I should have guessed!

    Valance! You ain't going after Linda Morgan or Susan'd better be getting your cute b*tt over to Miss Houston's who's waiting to be rescued....I'm tired of not being able to come to the porch!

    J.J., will you get a fire lit under this man's Miss Houston can come back to the porch!? Good God almighty, I'm getting old wait for the man to come get me....I'll be gray by the time he does! Then he won't want me!

    Anyway...I just stopped by to say I'm adding you to my blog roll so I'll be dropping by often!

    Big hugs

  14. Eye candy, JJ? Hmm, next time you’re at Hawk’s place you might like to scroll down the page and take a look at her ‘I want me a cowboy baby!’ post.

    As for Susan Hollis… you’re on the right track. Yup, she was intelligent, and I was a...

    Hello Houston. Glad to see you here. JJ’s a good friend of mine, though you’d hardly think it sometimes. It ain’t so long ago that she was my only friend, and when I staked a claim in the middle of a wilderness called Blogsville, JJ was first to knock at the door. I don’t forget things like that. Talented lady, too.

    As for getting you back to the porch… I'm thinking about it (*smile*)

  15. Ha! Yer big Jessie, Valance. Still, I can relate to lost love. I'll go take a gander, in a mo, to find the baby cowboy.

    Don't listen to the Mister Valance, Miss Hawk. He's gone soft in the head with all the wimmin folk stumbling by his porch, and it's not very often he calls me a lady, either. 'scuse me!