Sunday, 8 August 2010

Miss Whiplash

“It must be your lucky day… No damage!”

Yeah, right… I don’t fink so! But that’s what the arrogant twat, who shunted me in the rear, had the audacity to proclaim without so much of a cursory: “are you ok”. I can only assume the anticipated apology never even crossed his mind. After all, if he had been paying attention, to what was in front of him, he would have been able to coordinate the necessary actions in order to stop before hitting me.

As for me… Well, what can I say? The scuff marks are not visible on me, either, but the outlook for the rest of the summer about no swimming, especially in the sea, is devastating.

Am I bovvered about his wife killing him? Of course I am. But, if such an action did take place, he could take solace that whilst the wheels of justice turned, for him, he would be able to rest in peace.


  1. Sorry to hear it JJ, but at least you came out of it unscathed. Well, maybe just a little scathed. That fella surely needs an eye test, if he failed to see your rear end.

  2. This is great! Just poppin in to say hi and see how you are doing!!! I hope all is well honey!
    Hugs honey!!

  3. Yep... He was an ignorant bull who went straight into the red flag, Valance.

    Thanks, Cecille. Didn't fink my place was racey enough for fast moving gals.

  4. 'Thanks, Cecille. Didn't fink my place was racey enough for fast moving gals.'

    Well maybe it ain't, but don't go underselling that warm, cheeky personality of yours. And having me around is better than nothing. Maybe, I think, perhaps.

  5. Yep... warm and cheeky is what most folks say, Valance> Best consider popping up me prices, now.

    And seeing as Johnny Depp won't swing past here, I guess I should be grateful for anyone dropping by, bandy ol' cowboy, or not!

  6. Good... I like to economise where I can!