Monday, 21 February 2011

Waiting for a dump

Its been a funny old week. Not a particularly favourite time of year for me, to be honest, with all the lovey-dovey merchandising and happy ever after, hearts and smoochey, fluffy filled stories on the airwaves. What was it the infamous Morrigan once said to me? Oh yes… The quickest way to a man’s heart is straight through the rib cage with a sharp knife. Never tried it, but worth keeping in mind, me finks.  

So… those words of an unfortunate vision bring me, inappropriately, to what’s been giving me considerable thought for concern, this week; a friend going under the knife for colon cancer! Its a blessed relief to be able to pull meself up, ease up on the carpet burns, and jump for joy as the prognosis looks good. No pooper scooper required and if he has “a dump”, he’ll be able to go home soon. That’s proper soon, as in hours, not days or weeks! His wife text me to relay this important faecal status, saying she was so excited she just HAD to tell someone. Boy, am I glad I’d finished me chocolate chip cookies before receiving that nougat of information. Seriously, though, I really am over the moon, and squeezing me thoughts, hard, to give the poor fella a little help in motion.

Its times like this that make me realise what’s important in life. I got good friends, my freedom, and a sea-view, but I really wish I had someone special to give me a hug.


  1. Sheesh! A little too much information, maybe, but I hope everything works out well for your friend, JJ.

    Don't think I'll be eating chocolate chip cookies for a while, either.

    I really wish you had someome special to give you a hug, too. Special I ain't, but I'd give you a big hug anytime. Just be careful with that sharp knife.

  2. This is a pretty gloomy time of the year, I think. When/if the sun shines we can tell ourselves it's nearly spring, but when skies are gerey, often our mood is too.

    I hope your friend is on his way home soon and that he makes a good recovery.

  3. I too hope your friend is well and on the mend! I am not a fella but I am sending you a good juju across the sees hug!!

  4. Thank you. Hugs and kisses to you all, including you, Valance... Just this once, mind you!

  5. Hell, you really know how to make a fella feel three foot tall. S'ok, don't go lowering yourself on my account.

  6. I won't... Makes a change bringing you down to ma level, cowboy!

  7. Yeah, well I reckon I'd have to stoop some, just to get that hug and a kiss. Lord knows what you'd be kissing otherwise.


    Do you remember the novelty hit, Come Outside, featuring Wendy Richard?

    There's a lover-ly moon outside!

    Best you don't read me next post!

  9. Indeed I do remember that song. I know it well - Mike Sarne. And you know perfectly well that I'll be unable to resist taking a snoop at your new post.