Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Call the Dead People

Listening to the radio, the other day, I thought I heard an ad say: “call the dead people to talk about your dead”.

Wow… A direct line to the other side!  What’s the number?

Joking aside, that’s what I do, being a developing medium an all. Although, dead only applies, in my opinion, to the shell suit, throw away body we inhabit in our earthly existence. As a Spiritualist, I believe that life is eternal and you can’t die. Sometimes, talking to the dearly departed, my preferred term for dead people, is easier than trying to strike up a conversation with the living, but I guess we all have our own challenges with communication and the ever growing choices in media.

The ad, by the way, was about debt. My hearing may be on the decline, along with my eyesight, but I still feel and sense that somewhere in this world, there’s got to be a reason to live and stand up for what’s right!

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”.

That quote came to mind when reading “Meltdown” by Ben Elton. A thought provoking and inspiring story about the rise and fall of fortunes, and what truly matters in times of adversity! 


  1. A cheery thought JJ. So there's no getting away from debt, even when you're dead.

  2. With digital pictures you don't need developing ... Oh! right. Gotcha.

    Seriously though, I've come across several people who describe themselves as 'developing' mediums. Is that the technical term for anyone who contacts the dearly departed* or is it one level in the process?

    *I imagine if we didn't want to taljk to them in life, we won't want to know what they've got to say when they're dead.

  3. Yeah... Too true, Valance. You'll owe me, big time, come the day you find out I'm right about life being eternal!

    I say developing, cos most mediums say they never stop learning. And if someone was a miserable so and so in their earthly life they're not gonna come back in a message all love, light and happiness. And you don't have to talk to anyone you don't wanna talk to... Just make sure your phone's charged up for talking to people you wanna talk to, Patsy!

  4. Well say hi to my dad for me!!!

  5. OK, if it turns out I'm wrong I'll send you a postcard. Might even put a stamp on it, too.

  6. Hey, Kracken. Say hi, yourself. He's only a thought away ;o)

    Ha... Stamp not necessary from that side because you get to travel first class to give your message in person. I feel, so you better make sure you got warm hands, that's if you pass before me, of course!