Friday, 20 May 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Yup, my good friend Patsy has given me a not so subtle nudge to expose meself, yet again, by presenting me with an award and an opportunity to pass the honour forward.

The exposure, I’m pleased to say, is not of me ample assets but seven things about who I am, so here they are:

I eat, and chocolate is my favourite treat.

I sleep, and that’s as far as I’m going on nocturnal matters. 

I drink alcohol, when the mood takes me, but don’t see it as a hobby or social sport.

I still have all my own teeth. A complete healthy set, including wisdom ones, still residing in me gums, not in a jar!

I’m not just for entertainment purposes only. I’m also a developing medium.

I write, and my dream is to be a scriptwriter when I grow up.

I love where I live, and there’s no place like home.

And here's seven winners for this prestigious award:

Coming back at yer,  Patsy
Mister Valance, of course!

Kracken, cos I see someone a lot like me, in this gal.

Elizabeth Campbell, a fellow Scotster.

Miss Sweet, cos me eyes are bigger than me belly.
Miss Cecile, because saucy stuff sells.

Miss Hawk, as above, or depending on your positioning, I guess ;o)
Happy blogging, cyber world.


  1. That is the coolest thing! Thanks Miss JJ! Fantastic Friday to me!! Well, and to everyone! I have never received a blogger award before! I am super smiley now!!

    ***thinking to myself with glee how awesome this feels and how embarrassed I am for not knowing blog award etiquette. Am I supposed to do something now? Do I say seven things? Do I send it on? hmmmmmm??? back to the real world....***

    Thanks again Miss JJ! Congrats all!

  2. Sorry... I forgot to say, silly me. Doh! You're meant to tell us seven things about yourself and pass it on to seven top bloggers!

    Glad you're having a super, smiley, fantastic Friday :o)

  3. 'I eat, and chololate is my favourite treat.'

    Well there's a surprise. What a revelation that is. I might have to lie down while I get over the shock.

    Good on you, Versatile. Thanks for the nomination.

  4. I hope you'll get plenty of scripts done before you grow up - the wait will be a long one otherwise!

  5. I know, Patsy. Gotta buckle down, now!

    I'm not giving all me secrets away, Valance!

  6. Chocolate and dreams make for a happy girl!

    Whoot! Well thanks a billion for the lovely award! humm... seven things....
    • I have color changing hair
    • I love pets (both animals and men)
    • I married my first boyfriend
    • My mind is ALWAYS in the gutter
    • I fancy myself an artist
    • I'm an instigator
    • I'm 30

  7. 'I'm not giving all me secrets away, Valance!'

    Tell a few lies then, like I do.

    (Miss Sweet, I can't believe you're thirty, same as me.)

  8. Huh... I knew you were a story teller, Valance. You got it written all over your blog!

    Erm... interesting seven things, there, Miss Sweet. Some I share, and I know the cowboy will out me if I include the last, so I won't confirm or deny which ones apply!

  9. The cowboy looks like his 30 years are hard won by his photograph.

  10. Don't ever say I didn't tell you so, Cowboy.

    Guess the Cowboy hasn't mentioned his birthday being the 29 February, Miss Sweet!