Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Highland Wee-Treat

Tongue tied and restless, what was I suppose to say? 

“You really don’t know, do you?”

I thought I did, but that was at first sight, after he’d stepped on my toes and made such a fuss.

It was just a group of us messing around, friends of friends, and a string of holiday cottages that held us together. Sun, sea and chocolate spread sandwiches under kiss me quick hats. No sign of donkeys under the silver grey skies, just the tell tale derricks off-shore to confirm the not so corny highland hide away.

Tom had arrived alone, but was unexpectedly joined on the second day by a stunning blonde bearing charm, intellect and a passion for cooking. Why did I care? If she wanted to feed the five thousand, then good luck to her! Fortunately, a stomach bug allowed for a tactful retreat in order to contemplate the rush of feelings that staring into a stranger’s eyes had wielded.

“Hello, beautiful. Feeling any better today?”

I thought everyone had gone off exploring, again, but there was Tom, towering above my blanket covered mass on the grass beneath him. My tongue glued itself to the roof of my mouth. What else could I do, but nod!

“Can I get you any lunch?”

I felt like a goldfish as my mouth opened and closed, filling the air with silence.

“You don’t know, do you?”

Yup… I guess I am a complete idiot compared to some!

“I’m not really hungry, but thanks all the same to Kelly for thinking about me!”

“Kelly’s gone; it's me who’s asking.”  

A wry smile slid across Tom’s face. “You really don’t know do you?”

His gaze locked onto mine, just like it did on that very first day. The thought of Kelly dishing out her healthy option cookies was fading fast.

Without further delay, Tom was sitting at my side and thrusting a Twinkle Toes chocolate bar into my hands.

“I forgot I ordered this, after my clumsy attempt to get close to you. When it arrived today, I remembered why.”

How could I possibly resist a moment on the lips?


  1. Nayyyyyyyyyy!

    At least I didn't go along wiv me new take on an old cliché about a moment in a lift, being joined at the hips!