Monday, 31 October 2011

Devilish Diva

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. You see, it allows me to legitimately dress up in whatever takes my mood, and put on a mask without anyone telling me to “just be myself”.  

On this occasion, if I wake up in the morning and put a note on the door, please do not disturb, my friends and family will think I’m normal. But I won’t be doing that. I love the fact that kids dress up as witches, warlocks, goblins and ghosties, for entertainment purposes only, and come knocking at the door. I can laugh at the fiendish fancy dress and feign horror whilst handing over some, not all, of my chocolate reserves. 

My hidden agenda being that All Hallows Eve is a time to remember those who no longer walk the earth in body, only in spirit. The frivolous frivolities give reason to mock and ridicule the world we live in where fear is often harnessed as a weapon of mass hysteria. 

As for being myself... I do try, and one day this little devil may just end up coming outta the darkness and try on another kinda, not so lairy, fairy frock... 



  1. I'm beginning to wish we DID do something or Halloween. You make it sound such fun.

  2. I love halloween too, although it is a guilty pleasure as it seems to be imported whole sale from the states. My mother thinks it's tantamount to begging too. We had a great time though as a Zombie, a ghost and a Jack o'lantern. Glad you had a good time too,


  3. Heaven can wait. You'll be a long time munching those chocolate reserves yet.