Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Friendly Blogger Award

Me a friendly blogger, huh… Well guess it must be true if me friend Patsy says so, cos she’s a hard scribing busy blagger, herself.

So what makes me a friendly blogger, I wonder?

Well, the way I tackle this creative sphere is: write what I like, when I like, how I like, and bugger the braggers who don’t give a damn about my kinda creativity. You see, I may still be undergoing development on the technical side a writing, but I have a pretty unique voice, albeit cloudier than a fog horn at times, and I got ideas that make even me eyeballs pop. You see when it comes to the t'art a writing, or anything creative, the opinion of others is just that… an opinion! If I wrote what and how others expected, or wanted, I’d just be another clone living in a straight jacket world of feeding from the screen, or someone else’s manual, instead of finding amusement in the life we live.

Anyone who takes the time to read me ramblings must be a friendly blogger, of sorts, but in all seriousness, I’m forwarding this award on to those that inspire and care about the real world we live in: Petra, Geves, April
For the devil in me… here’s a mention for that bandy legged wanna be hero, too!

And with that swaggering thought… I’m gonna pop off, now, to see if I can find summit to laugh at, away from me perch and the two finger touch down approach to hammering words out with a scream. 


  1. Holy moly Miss JJ! Thanks a bunch! You write whatver the heck youwant when you want! I am here for ya!

  2. Wannabe hero, huh? You just had too, didn't you? Me, the leanest meanest rootin' tootin' unfriendly blogger that ever was. Good thing I only got an honorary mention, or you'd have had more than the devil in you. I'd have grabbed that trident of yours and stuck it right up your elbow.

  3. You're right, other people's opinions are just opinions. We can't possibly write in a way that'd please everyone, so we might as well write to please ourselves and hope it reaches others with similar tastes.

  4. Thank you, Patsy and April. Working on another theory, right now, and it works, then I'll be true to me roots ;o)... Watch this space!

    As for you, Valance, I'm just pondering which one of me latest social experiences I should write about. The one about crabs, not sure you'll Adam and Eve that one, or the one about the strong arm of the law fleeing me premises, at a keystone, side splitting speed...