Tuesday, 8 November 2011

On The Beat

Ok, ok... just indulge me on this one. I'm working on the traits, pros and not so conniving, that I'm looking for in a potential suitor.

  • Funny, obviously!

  • Single and available for immediate action, on the front, and wherever else takes me fancy.

  • Honest, loyal and trustworthy - Goes without saying.

  • Charming! He'll need to be to get in me front door. If the intercom aint working he'll need to sweet talk the neighbours or sing from the grass level of me perch.

  • Smooth! I admit, got more than me fair share of rough edges, which is why I need a mellow fellow!

  • Light on his feet! I use to love dancing, and if I get me a partner, may just have a stab at it again.

  • Willing to rise to a challenge!

Must say Norman Wisdom, is still looking like my idea of a perfect match, God rest his soul!

So... all the single ladies, and the dutifully attached, what's your idea of a perfect man?

For any men, or cowboys, that drop in and want to have a say...

Wait till I'm finished...

Feel free to post your seven delicious requisites every woman should have, but be prepared for them to be diced and spliced in a public forum.


  1. I know he is out there... I just can't give you mine! But I know he is there.... We just have to find him!!

    Hugs and love honey! Miss ya!

  2. I'm still thinking, and I'm thinking this calls for some serious thinking.

  3. OK, let’s indulge you. That’s some wish list you have there, JJ. Course there’s no such thing as the perfect man, but that’s the way it’s meant to be. A man’s imperfections come with the blessing of Mother Nature herself. Without them, a woman would never get the chance to nag and scold, sniff and sneer, pout and sulk, and everything else a woman does when she’s exercising her birthright and demonstrating her superiority. So you might just have to compromise a little.

    Now, looking again at your list, I think your best bet would be to join a dancing school, and take it one step at a time.

    Just for fun, and for dicing and splicing maybe, here’s seven things that I’d look for in a woman.

    A compatible sense of humour

    Tidy, clean, presentable appearance – no tattoos, no hideous piercings

    I expect a lady to act like a lady.

    Good natured, well mannered

    A happy heart – every woman is entitled to mood swings, but I’ve got no time for serial sulkers.

    The feel good factor – that little feeling you get when you just know the chemistry is good.

    A woman with beauty in her soul

  4. Don't worry, Miss Smutty Hussy, I don't want anyone else's, I'd prefer one of me very own. Just taking a look in them there fields to see if anyone takes me fancy!

  5. Well there's a first... Mister Valance taking the time to "indulge" me. Guess that means there's hope for me yet!

    Now I know I aint gonna find a perfect man, cos with an X and a Y chromosome, he's bound to have summit missing that us double X gals take for granted...

    But me finks you summed up what I'm looking for, Valance: "The feel good factor – that little feeling you get when you just know the chemistry is good".

  6. Yup, I guess that's what it all boils down to, JJ. Everything else just drops into place.

  7. So... If the chemistry feels right, it doesn't matter about anything else? Hmmmm... Fink I need to do a whole lot a pondering.

  8. Well, not exactly. I ain't saying that the little things don't matter. It's just that a good pie adds up to more than the sum of its ingredients.