Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley, here I come.

I wanna bathe in your milk.

Spread with your spreadable. 

And paddle through your strawberry yoghurt.

But most of all…

I’d like to go for a meander with these young farmers.

Me finks I’m in love, four times over!


  1. Always been a big fan of the Yeo Valley range, and they're not that far west from me.

  2. JJ, I can hear you drooling from here - and I'm not at all sure it's only the dairy products you're interested in!

  3. Well, Patsy... you know how I feel about the great outdoors and organic produce, not forgetting the big O when it comes to earthy looking lads...

    No wonder there's plenty of happy freesians, just off the 368. Gonna hop aboard a shiny tractor and get funky in the West Country, me finks... vroom, vroom!

  4. Getting your organic mixed up with your orgasmic, ain't you Miss JJ?

  5. Yup, but it makes for a great earthy outta body experience!

  6. You felt the earth move, huh? That must have been some yoghurt.