Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Some Old Fossil

And where do you suppose this came from?

I'll give you a clue, or two:

I picked this up, meself, shortly after people power began a demolition process and long before the bulldozers, cranes and developers moved in.

Any ideas?

The original structure it came from would have reached its 50th Birthday in August, earlier this year, if it hadn't been breached 22 years ago today.


  1. Is it from where East used to be seperated from West?

  2. Darn it JJ, I clicked the link as I read, and didn't get the chance to take a guess. That's a hell of a souvenir you've got there.

  3. Pretty cool! I actually guessed before I read the link and it is a miracle I came close to an answer. I never know that stuff! Yeah I got one! And did I tell you I love your accent? Well okay I can't hear it but I can read it and I think it is neat!

  4. The piece of the wall certainly represents a piece of history.

  5. Lucky you. Quite a sizeable chunk too. I saw what's left of the wall last year. There is art all over it and a really decent museum about it. Interesting stuff thanks for sharing your photo.

  6. It is Patsy.

    Thought the likes of you would need a helpful link, Valance, and yup... It is a mighty fine souvenir. Got an even bigger piece tucked under me bed, too!

    Thanks, Miss April... That's the best compliment any writer could receive... I have a voice, yip-yip-yippee!

    Valerie, It certainly is a piece of history, and I was there!

    You're welcome, Petra. It was nearly twenty years ago since I last set foot in the Großstadt, Berlin. Maybe one day, I may just go back to see the changes in the city and ponder the transformation in me!

  7. Lord, I'm sorely tempted. But it's Be Nice to Everyone Week, and that includes you.

  8. Sorely tempted to go hunting under me bed, huh, Valance? Seems to me many a hunter's trying, but I'm mighty particular, you know!

    Still, it's Be Nice to Everyone Week, so you go right ahead, Cowboy. Just watch out for the handcuffs!

  9. Hmm, I think it's time you had that talk with your mother.