Thursday, 9 September 2010

Well Behaved Women

“Well behaved women don’t go down in history”!

Well that’s what the plaque in a shop said, and it got me a-pondering. Not about all the good, bad and iron girdled ladies in history, but on me own personal code of conduct.

What is considered to be “well behaved” can be a matter of personal opinion, of course, but the notion gives a valid argument to me rebellious and occasional forthright nature. When it comes down to it, historically or current standing, I’m not one for following life’s lemons. Never have been, never will be. Me skin may have taken more than its lifetime recommendation of grating, but I’ve earned me pips and me zest is never less than half full.

So, when summit has to go down, summit must’ve have come up, first. If it’s important enough, don’t take it lying down, is my honourable advice.

Anyway… the real splash of enlightenment came when wandering back home, via the scenic route. A pre-pubescent lad uttered an amazing, some would say out-dated, wise admission to his senior chaperones:

“I’ve got the personality of a child”

Ha… so have I!


  1. Hugs honey!!!!!
    And you know what, I think we need to change that sign.... To:

    I Will go down in history!! Why because I am ME! Ha!
    Hugs and loves honey!

  2. Hmm, I never knew a child so clever and erudite. Or so mischievous, when it comes to offering honorable (?) advice.

  3. Educated words from the cowboy, and what's wrong wiv being a little mischievious?

  4. Oh nothing, I guess. But what would a goody two shoes like me know?

  5. JJ, the important thing is to behave. Don't matter if you bahave badly as long as you do it well! (I'm pretty sure that your personal brand of bad behaviour whilst it might be mischevious would be something that wouldn't harm anyone and would likely bring a smile to more than a few faces)

  6. More like, goodie two canoes, Valance!

    Yep, I do whatever I do to the best of ma abilities. When I'm good and good, and when I'm bad, I get the giggles...

  7. JJ

    I just work hard at being me...some see me as bad, others see me as good, and then there are those who think I'm the worst being alive...and still others who dare to call me an angel...then so be it....they are all ME.

    Am I happy being me...yes...and that's all that matters.


  8. Darn it JJ, why did you have to go and mention two canoes? I'm stuck with an awful image in my mind now, of your ass.

    Hawk - Seems you and JJ could be birds of a feather. You sound just like her.

  9. Ha... That's cos you're a diamond, Hawk. Many different facets, just like me! Chirpie, chirpie, tweet, tweet, Valance!

    Yeah... me ass is an awful image, just now, and having real trouble squeezing into me pants.